Sheridan Photo Voice Activity

Show us what you see in downtown!

Photo Voice is all about showing what YOU experience in downtown Sheridan. Each person provides TWO photos and a BRIEF explanation to answer the following questions:

  • What is one thing you feel really works downtown?
  • What is one thing you don’t feel works in downtown or is broken?

Please make sure to indicate whether you LIKE the place you are marking or DON’T LIKE IT.

Your input is critical for helping to prioritize desired improvements along Main Street.

Photos will be shared at the Main Street Momentum Public Input Party from 5pm-7pm at the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, 171 Main Street #D.

Snap your photos and share it by Wednesday, April 18th. Include your name and email address for a chance to win TWO tickets to the WYO Rodeo!

To add your photo:

  1. Review the map below. Scroll and zoom to identify approximate location of photo
  2. To add a marker:
    • Computer: Right-click to place marker
    • Smartphone / Tablet: Single tap to place marker
  3. Grab and drag marker to relocate, if needed
  4. Insert short description in “Marker Title” field, below the map
  5. Describe photo in “Marker Description” field, below the map
    • Please make sure to indicate whether you LIKE the place you are marking or DON’T LIKE IT.
    • Make sure to include your name and email address for a chance to win TWO tickets to the WYO Rodeo!
  6. Upload photo
  7. Tick box
  8. Click “Add Marker”

A moderator will review your submission to ensure that it does not contain profanity, disparagement, etc. When approved, your marker will appear on the map!

“Discouraging” parking & traffic flow


Dislike: The bulk of the traffic through downtown is on Main Street where we are wanting to create additional shopping, dining, place-making, etc. (pedestrian traffic) This seems counter intuitive until we find alternative routes for traffic. The current parallel parking is perceived to be impossible for some people & visually it’s risky when the spacing between vehicles are inconsistent. As the downtown continues to become more desirable it’ll inevitably attract more people & traffic. Increasing the capacity should be a priority before the limited traffic & parking becomes an overwhelming distraction.

Like: Historic Building, Statues, etc.

44.79967676784514, -106.95567308242954

Like: The downtown is very attractive: trees, lighting, statues, building renovations, store fronts, new & evolving entrepreneurial endeavors, events, flowers, etc. The historic buildings are iconic center pieces for our whole community and visually make our downtown very attractive.

Intersection of Broadway and Brundage

44.79812497122176, -106.95340413633323

What doesn't work? The traffic issues with simple solutions that the City won't address. Note the 4 way stop at Brundage and Broadway.

Leonardo's Horse at DSA

44.795731821447816, -106.95546950146007

What works? The Sheridan Public Arts Program. (I am biased). 

Leonardo's Horse

44.79573687433054, -106.95548038757534

Leonardo's Horse at the Downtown Sheridan Association building.

Street Activities


Karz days on main street, an example of small town use of the street that draws the community and others downtown. 

Open Air Coffee

44.79922987356252, -106.95604465939357

Java Moon, the open air coffee shop, an example of a friendly downtown business

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