GET INVOLVED IN THE Downtown Sheridan Streetscape Project

A community-driven vision for Main Street will only be successful if you participate. We are taking extra care to deliver ways that make it easy for you to participate in this important community discussion. Ways that are consistent with your busy lifestyles. Ways that are fun and reach you were you are at—not the other way around.

The project will include unique—and fun!—activities for each phase. You can learn about the steps in this project here, but in general you can participate in these ways throughout the project:

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Attend an Event

April 2018 is a busy month and many events to attend. Check out the events page to find your next opportunity to contribute.

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Respond to a Poll

We will be seeking your feedback throughout this project. Follow this link to respond to any active questionnaires.

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Photo Voice

Photo Voice is a unique opportunity to share your perspective and experiences on Main Street. Upload photos and share the story behind them to help us understand what works, and what needs improvement.

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Close Calls

Use our interactive map to show where you have had a “close call” on Main Street, and share the story behind it.

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