Sheridan Close Calls Mapping Exercise

Indicate on the map below any place along Main Street from Burkitt Street to 5th Street where you have had a close call and narrowly avoided an accident while walking, bicycling or driving. Use the text box to include a description of your incident. Please specify the mode of travel you were using at the time (walking, biking or driving).

To add your own marker:

  1. Review the map below. Scroll and zoom to identify location of close call
  2. To add a marker:
    1. Computer: Right-click to place marker
    2. Smartphone: Single tap location to place marker
  3. Grab and drag marker to relocate, if needed
  4. Type description in “Marker Title” field, below the map
  5. Describe close call in “Marker Description” field, below the map
  6. Tick box
  7. Click “Add Marker”

A moderator will review your submission to ensure that it does not contain profanity, disparagement, etc. When approved, your marker will appear on the map!

Add your own marker

Marker Title
Marker Address or GPS Location

Or click on the map and drag to add a marker

Marker Description
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